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Shop hair care products from home and have them delivered directly to your door! No need to make a stop into the salon.

The American-made line contains over 45 versatile and cruelty free products that are made without parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, harsh chemicals and residues.


OrganiC Way

Organic and biodynamic raw materials are combined with carefully selected natural elements, like pure oils, waxes, butters, emollient plants, and the most sustainable active and functional ingredients. Harsh and toxic synthetic products are replaced by natural and more delicate alternatives. Each product is formulated according to the principles of the most advanced green chemistry, which guarantees a perfect balance between natural formula and professional performance. All objects and tool of the Way world are made with natural materials such as wood, recycled paper and cardboard, cotton, glass , and metal.


The AIIR line of products delivers a unique combination of high-performance professional hair products infused with natural botanicals and precious gemstones believed to deliver complete wellbeing. High performance innovation that highlights consciousness, integrity & well-being through the use of pulverized precious gemstones & natural botanicals. AIIR Professional crystal infused hair products are vegan, ethically sourced and free of sulfates and parabens.

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